A Transitioning Industry

We specialize in the Data Center, Renewables/Energy, Pharmaceutical and Oil/Gas fields. These fields are all on the verge of change.

We are faced with one of the greatest challenges in this era of industry. This challenge is the means to provide the world with the energy needed by the safest means possible.

To provide reliable energy, at low cost, to make it affordable to everyone, while also pursuing the widespread adoption of renewable energy in the world.

the planet

The World Is In Desperate Need Of A Change

There is a lot of talk about change but no action actually taken to perfect this change.

The best way to effect change is to start with oneself.  That’s why we are committed to influence the world positively in our own way.

Our determination today is to eliminate all environmental threat factors, and do all we can in the best possible way.

We are consciously growing and investing in producing sustainable energy, and showing the need for renewable energy for the energy supply that the world needs.

the planet

Be The Change

In a bid to achieve change, we take full responsibility as we know it begins with us. The way we handle our business in countries we operate in, and with every staff member working with us, we are committed to decreasing and neutralizing our carbonization effects, and influencing our partners to follow suit.

the planet

Wood Plantation

The world currently has three trillion trees and can host a trillion more.

Trees are one of the most powerful tools that can buy us time in the fight against the climate crisis.

Only by restoring these forests, will we be able to keep temperature rise below 2°C.

Though our company was only established in 2021, within the first 12 months we planted over 200 trees including oak, birch, rowan and sycamore.


No One Is More Essential To Us Than People

This is a very simple fact for us. The people who work with us at NorthFox Facilities Services always having a feeling of belonging.

We have created a safe and comfortable working environment for everyone.

We do our best to ensure that our people have everything needed for maximum productivity and a happy working experience.

We give everyone an opportunity to release all their potentials and their flaws. We celebrate our members and reward their endeavors.

With us, their future is protected.


Health & Safety

One of our core principles is to ensure the safety and welfare of all the people who globally work with us.

We are working towards a zero hazard working environment for our people, assets and planet.

It is our utmost desire to create an environment where risk is predicted and contained. A place where people can feel a sense of security and be motivated to stop work at the slightest feeling of insecurity, without having to fear any consequences for their actions.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we understand that results are a consequence of a positive work principle and excellent leadership style, where all individuals take charge of the responsibility to be safe.


Strong Self Belief & Resilitent Spirit

We are very much concerned about our staff’s emotional health and their resilient spirit. We provide sufficient support during life significant events that may occur – both positive and negative.

We have set up a strong community of team members gathered from across the world. Individuals who are very focused on ensuring that they are living out their best lives.


Attracting, Discovering, Developing & Employing Best Talents

Our secret to business success can be tied to the fact that we have achieved this through the people working with us. Our staff are very committed and collaborate their skills, talents, determination and dedication to discovering new ways to provide solutions to the service we give.

Our people are at the center of the work we do. This is why we do not stop at investing in their personal development and empowerment in any possible way we can.

Since we are involved some of the world’s biggest projects, this means our work force increases monthly as more clients entrust us to provide quality service.

We encourage healthy competition and challenges amongst our employees to allow them to unleash their full potential.

We are focused on ensuring that every one of our employees gains valuable knowledge and skills useful for the future during their working years with us.


Honest & Transparent Service

Our core values are honest and transparent service. This is one aspect of our business that has become more like an addictive habit.

In all that we engage ourselves in, we have been able to establish our authenticity and fairness at the center of all our decisions.

This is one of the reasons why, where government policies and ethics are concerned, we have stood out for holding the highest standard for accountability and transparency in our business operations.


Social & Economic Achievements

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we are committed to developing the social and economic aspect of our communities all across the world to promote success, especially at the homes and work stations of our employees.

We are focused on ensuring that we create long lasting memories.  To achieve this, we have been able to offer employment opportunities to qualified individuals, provided a good working environment, helped improve their skills through training, and contributed greatly to the economic conditions of the community we operate in.

We want to help create a self-reliant and resilient team in all the areas of the world.

We are creating positive impacts on the lives of everyone. and offering them equal opportunities.  We are committed to sustaining this service – this one of our core objectives.

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