Project Commissioning & Completions

We are well known for our Premium Standard Delivery in Project Commissioning & Completion.

Our Qualifications Services include the following:


At NorthFox Facilities Services, we lead the race for good service, modern methods, project delivery, and application of quality Commissioning approaches. Our team of professionals are well vested with the principles and experience in this industry.

Our services have been contracted by leading industrial clients to perform and implement our commissioning principles.

We ensure that your work is done at the highest standards by our experts.


We understand your need to ensure the demands of the Good Manufacturing Practice instructions while still maintaining good value for the client.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we work in accordance with your objectives, assisting to achieve efficient, very reliable, and verified procedures.


We make use of Good Electrical Practice (GEP) methods, unique Commissioning requirements and proper planning, this has been the core foundation to our success in Projects.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we implement the following procedures and design concepts services for our clients, including:

  • Research
  • Project Preparations
  • Completions Admin: Scheduling, Reporting
  • Project Commissioning Client’s project/commissioning management
  • Vendor Management
  • Operational readiness
  • Risk management

We specialize in handling all complex, big-scale projects and even small-scale projects that require critical assessments and expansion. We are experts in meeting the highest quality.

Our Project Delivery Service provides the following:

  • Project Design & Document Review
  • Project Commissioning Strategy Development
  • Field Testing
  • FAT/SAT Inspections
  • QA/QC Validation
  • Vendor Supervision
  • EPMS Verification
  • Loadbanking
  • Integrated Systems Testing (IST)

Project Management

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we have a very strong and reliable Project Management team.

Our team of experts handling Project Management services help to promote and manage vital relationships to ensure that project success is ascertained.

We are committed to upholding our company core values and objectives. We offer our clients the flexibility and transparency of totally and actively participating in the process from the very beginning to the very end of the Project Management lifespan.

Our Project Management experts always offer solutions to problems encountered by all our clients.

We believe that world-class facilities are successful due to planning and integration of these three areas – Product/Process/End-User Requirements, People, and Equipment/Automation/Facility Technology.

All our services focus on integrating these areas necessary for successful operations in mission-critical and energy-efficient facilities.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Design Qualifications
  • Design Reviews, Including Compliance-Related Design Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Quality Programs
  • Scope Definition
  • Cost Estimating
  • Training in Good Management Practices Design & Standards
  • Development of Project Team Organization
  • Communications Plan Design
  • Project Management Business Processes
  • Conceptual Design & Facility Layout
  • Selection and Oversight of Design Engineer
  • Contractor/Subcontractor/Cm Prequalification and Selection
  • Constructability Review Support and Site Logistics Planning
  • Design And Implementation of Team Incentive Programs to Improve Integration
  • Planning/Scheduling and Integration of Design, Construction, and Testing
  • Project Controls (Cost and Schedule) Evaluation and Reporting
  • Capitalization Of Assets
  • Project Close Out
  • Handover to Owner


We hold you by the hands as our client when carrying out risk analysis, design review, permission and certification exercise.

We help identify and minimize the risk level to the lowest possible point ensuring that the project still maintains the required specifications and set standards by the regulations.

Management of Program & Project

Basically, we fasten your customers’ way to success. Our methods are simple, we assist you in ascertaining your most essential needs and treat those needs as a priority.

We keep working on your project till we achieve completion and we stop at nothing until we attain your satisfaction.

Our services at every stage are top-notch, we create detailed and comprehensive plans for your project, turn full-scale production into accurate asset management that is reliable and sustainable.

We help you:

  • Build and maintain a better working environment.
  • Handling your Project Planning, Managing and Documentation for Quality Testing to ascertain the standards.
  • We have well trained professionals to help you meet your project deadline on time.
  • Ensure that only the best of the best teams handle your project.
  • We understand the nature of complex projects, and how they are managed to attain the required specifications for clients.

Our project & program management approaches

  1. Risk Assessments
  2. Design Qualifications
  3. Design Reviews, Including Compliance-Related Design Reviews
  4. Value Engine
  5. Quality Programs
  6. Scope Definition
  7. Cost Estimating
  8. Training in Design & Standards
  9. Development of Project Team Organization
  10. Communications Plan Design
  11. Project Management Business Processes
  12. Conceptual Design & Facility Layout
  13. Selection and Oversight of Design Engineer
  14. Contractor/Subcontractor/Cm Prequalification and Selection
  15. Constructability Review Support and Site Logistics Planning
  16. Design And Implementation of Team Incentive Programs to Improve Integration
  17. Planning/Scheduling and Integration of Design, Construction, and Testing
  18. Project Controls (Cost and Schedule) Evaluation and Reporting
  19. Capitalization Of Assets
  20. Project Close Out
  21. Handover to Owner
  22. Shutdown Planning, Coordination, and Execution
  23. Team Training and Human Performance Improvement
  24. Human Error Reduction
  25. Maintenance Reliability & Production Optimization Program
  26. Total Productive Maintenance & World Class Maintenance Consulting
  27. Sop Reviews and Training Program Development
  28. Program Team Performance Evaluation

Data Centre Commissioning

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we offer Data Center Commissioning Services.

This is the process where documents are provided to confirm the accurate installation and performance of a facilities system. It shows the equipment part designs and its specifications.

With our Commissioning system, you can be assured you will meet your client’s needs in regards to the design and operational requirements.

We offer the best DCC services as we are experienced in providing proper risk management strategies to your project. We are focused on areas which are considered to be mission – critical while also ensuring a general perspective of all our needs activities.

Design Review – The ability to commission equipment should be considered at the earliest stage of every project.

  1. FAT/FWT observation – Never make assumptions that products and systems will operate seamlessly unless you have the hard data to back this up.
  2. QA/QC checks – Make sure that any delivered equipment or installed systems are visually inspected for signs of damage.
  3. Site Acceptance Testing – Equipment to be independently certified ahead of any joint systems testing to ensure the communication between equipment is functional.
  4. Integrated Systems Testing – The final integrated system test is the opportunity to observe the performance of a data center at maximum design load.
  5. Equipment Operations – All heavy equipment operators need proper education and a general understanding of basic operating procedures before using the equipment.
  6. Maintenance Development – Three key aspects to every good equipment maintenance strategy – types of equipment failures, anticipating failures & spotting failures.

Building Commissioning

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we ensure that you meet your expected project delivery date.

We help you increase your customers’ confidence as we work tirelessly with you to complete your start-up production on time.

Our core objective at NorthFox Facilities Services is to help you have a perfect facility that is completed on time, is to the customer’s satisfaction and meets the expected design and performance.


Having us take an active part as Commissioning Agents in the designing stage will add greater value to your completed project.

Sometimes you might not notice this additional advantage until the completion of the project.

Our Commissioning Agents are experienced in various design works and projects, so we know exactly how to get the best for your project.

Our agents assist you accomplish the following:

  • Design Review
  • Schedule Coordination
  • Start Up Acceptance Testing
  • Integrated Systems Testing
  • Functional Performance Testing
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Load Management
  • Close-out Document
  • Discrepancy Log and Corrections

Most times, we have seen Project Managers whose plans and Commissioning strategy do not align.

A bad schedule design could cause delays in the delivery date or extra cost.

With our Commissioning Agent’s as part of your team for design, these avoidable errors in design and scheduling would be eliminated.

Our professional team is readily available to hold you by the hand and meet your completion deadline.

Quality Assurance or Quality Control (QA/QC)

We deploy our well trained experts on quality assurance and quality control services to help assist our clients during the construction process to ensure that the regulation & client standards are rigorously met for all equipment and install.

Raising punch issues on client completions system for tracking and closure Pre & Post final equipment and area inspections.

Commissioning Power Management Systems

An Electrical Power Management System (EPMS) makes it possible to reveal layers of information that support business objectives, regulatory requirements, facility certifications, energy-reduction targets, or renewable initiatives.

During the commissioning phases these systems are verified and then used to prove the facilities ability to function as per design.


At NorthFox Facilities Services, our Thermography service is the designing of thermal imaging using a scientific approach applicable to various applications.

We make use of Thermographic cameras that detect any radiation present in infrared lights of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Load Bank Supplying & Operating

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we supply and operate Load Banks. Loadbanking is a testing process where a connection is established between an electrical load which is connected to a power supply to help the stimulation of the customers load (KW or Heat), and at the same time guarantee the authenticity of the entire system.

When we carry out Load Bank testing, we confirm the level of performance of the power supply source, usually the UPS and at the same time the overall electrical supply facilities.

This facility includes the cables, generator, switchgear and also the fuses.

We also help our client use the Load Bank to discharge batteries. This process makes the discharging very effective and helps to minimize cost. 

Commissioning Auxillary Power Systems

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we offer Power System Commissioning Services.

This service usually includes the install of power supply units fed from the site temporary supply.

The install team under direction of the clients testing requirement will place and cable the temporary install to allow a safe and secure power supply.

How we handle commissioning the electrical system

The Electrical Power Systems Commissioning process usually happens during every stage of the project.

The early implementation helps to provide an additional advantage for the clients objective, operations and maintaining the set out values and designs during the construction stage and the system testing stage.

During the design stage, our professional Commissioning Agent will commence the improvement of the functionality Testing Approach to confirm if it passes the expected criteria and standards of the client, which would be inherently complying with the design review.

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we strive for Quality and Regulatory Compliance Services all through our product line. We understand the degree of difficulty this poses to you especially in the Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical fields.

These fields are very regulated and inspection carried out by lots of agencies.

Our team of experts are well knowledgeable and certified.

We have gathered professionals from top societies in the industry such as ISPE, RAP and PDA.

Our staff are trained to understand all risk factors, and are knowledgeable on scientific project approaches to ensure that our services are of the best value to all our clients.

We are ready to offer this wide range of knowledge and experience to help you overcome all quality and regulatory compliance challenges.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we build quality products and increase our quality awareness to help you to deliver consistently top performing products for your clients.

We have the solutions to all challenges arising from the development, implementation, performing and compliant free systems as required by both the ISO and GMP certification worldwide. We are very good at doing this across various industries of specialization.

Also, we build robust guidance strategies, therefore if you are building your first product and need approval or you have been in the business for sometime, we get you that approval at the first attempt easily and stress-free.

We offer various quality and regulatory compliance services as listed below.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us immediately.

  1. Culture Assessment, Education, and Deployment.
  2. Quality Risk Management Program Deployment.
  3. Quality Metrics Program Deployment.
  4. Data Integrity Programs.
  5. Auditing QP Certification, Supplier, Internal, Process.
  6. CMO Capacity and Feasibility Analysis.
  7. Compliance Remediation.
  8. ISO Quality Management System Development, Implementation and Improvement.
  9. Standards Assessments including Gap Analysis.
  10. Supplier Quality Management Program Implementation.
  11. Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Program Implementation.
  12. Quality Management Review Implementation.
  13. Stability Program Development.
  14. Permanent Inspection Readiness Programs.
  15. Assistance with FDA and other Competent Authority Meetings (requesting, preparing for, and conducting).

Asset Management & Reliability

Our Asset Management and Reliability Services are targeted at saving your product’s function.

The functions to be preserved are selected based on your personal preference.

The goal is to ideally manufacture products that best suit the final consumer’s requirements in the best possible and cost efficient manner.

There are various means to how we achieve this, but the most frequent factor we keep in mind while producing is reliability.

We assist you in making a decision on the best method suitable to your industry and how we can best deploy these practices or methods.

With your production process drawn out, our Asset Management and Reliability professionals will interact with your design team to assess the required specifications.

Our objective is to improve reliability, endurance ability, robustness and the duration of the asset that is needed for the manufacturing of the product.

We help you distinguish OEM equipment, which are the most suitable assets to use in the production process.

Upon completion of the purchase option, we also help create a Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Parameters.

When your project has advanced into the Commissioning stage, our professionals then collabarate with the Commissioning, Qualification and Validation experts to comple the following stages:

  1. Installation stage – On arrival of the material into the factory, our AMR, in collaboration with the CQV team, work together to ensure that all the support systems are well plugged in and are at their best performing conditions.
  2. Operational Stage – At this stage, possible operational challenges are detected and corrected. This correction is done by the OEM . But in cases of major issues, our AMR professionals resolve it.
  3. Performance stage – Our AMR professionals assist in determining the longevity of the asset, and putting measures in place to prevent the degradation of the asset so as not to affect the performance of the asset.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we uphold that assets need proper care to maintain their qualification performance level and increase their longevity. These assets could be maintained using their OEM manual instructions.

During the Asset Decommissioning stage, our Asset professionals help in disconnecting, removing and disposing services. We also make sure that this process does not affect the operational process of the product.

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