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At NorthFox Facilities Services, we have been providing premium services for top manufacturing and mission critical companies in Europe and around the world for many years.

We have been able to successfully customise our professional engineering and technical practices to all our clients in various industries such as Data Center, Renewables/Energy, Pharmaceutical and Oil/Gas fields.

We enable our clients to successfully grow, advance and develop their businesses by completing final stage verification works on their projects.

our markets


The future looks brighter for the energy industry. The world is slowly but steadily moving towards a much better option, a low carbon future. The transition has already begun.

We have been able to help in this transition by leveraging our experience and knowledge to enhance safer and better performing renewable energy projects.

We are committed to providing support to power industries who support the advancement and usage of renewable energy.

our markets


Access to energy is essential to reduce poverty. Energy makes possible the investments, innovations and new industries that are the engines of jobs, inclusive growth and shared prosperity for entire economies.

By developing best fit technical and engineering teams to commission & complete the facility, we feel involved in supporting your mission to transform lives.


The challenge most power industries face is the ability to develop creative projects that use renewable energy, while at the same time being able to guarantee the safe and reliable operational power the asset uses while carrying out the transition.


We are determined in assisting the power sector to fasten the energy transition process. We deploy all our available resources and facilities in fast tracking this process.

We provide a wide range of possible solutions that help both immediately and in the near future in solving the challenges associated with the development and advancement of renewable energy.

our markets

Mission Critical

We have numerous top Data Center companies as clients, all of whom place their trust in us to carry out the inspection & commissioning of  Level 2 through to Level 5 processes.

We are the best at developing a high performing and technically talented CX team of experts to complete mission critical projects.

NorthFox Facilities Services is supporting the largest manufacturers of mission critical facilities, in Europe & across the world.

Our ability to tailor expert engineering and technical services to our client’s needs in the Datacenter world allows your business to focus on the project at hand.

our markets


At NorthFox Facilities Services our competence lies in the development and coordination of qualification and validation concepts, right up to the handover of the plant for production.

We take into account all client requirements and carry out all inspection & commissioning steps according to your specifications and requirements.

our markets

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is highly demanding in terms of ensuring high quality, safety and maintaining profitability.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we assist our clients achieve all these demands by helping them maintain a very safe, effective verification process while minimizing cost.

It is safe to say that we maximize the efficiency, while minimizing cost of the commissioning and completions stage – doing so while undertaking correct risk management procedures. Our asset management strategies play a significant role in achieving this.


The commissioning stage of offshore and onshore manufacturing must be secure and resilient. These activities are expected to be in accordance with the set standards of operation and the environmental protection in mind.


Providing assistance by agreeing to be available, while ensuring the commissioning services you require are provided through the duration of any of your asset’s final stage before handover to production.

We provide you with solutions and value added services for your project whether offshore or onshore.

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