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Our History

NorthFox Facilities Services was founded in 2021. We have handled many complex and strategic projects for some very high profile companies in various industries and fields.

We are a Commissioning & Completions company working in the Data Center, Renewables/Energy, Pharmaceutical and Oil/Gas sectors.

Our wealth of experience allows our clients to sufficiently take advantage of their productivity and efficiency level, while also being able to attain the regulated standards set by approved regulatory organizations of that industry and the OEM Standards.

We are very detailed and deliver our services at the highest possible standard.

We give our clients well documented guidelines to ensure that they are better positioned to avoid and react to any potential problems that may arise in the course of operation, and also increase their reliability level.


Why NorthFox Facilities?

Ideally, we are committed to satisfying you in all aspects. One major objective is to fasten our customers’ journey to success. Our method is simple, we assist our customers to discover their most essential needs and treat those needs as a priority. We keep working on your project till we attain perfection, and stop at nothing until we attain your satisfaction.

Our services at every stage are top-notch, we create detailed and comprehensive plans for your project, turn full-scale production into accurate asset management that is reliable and sustainable. We help you build and maintain a better working environment. Handling your project planning, managing and documentation for quality testing to ascertain the standards.


Why NorthFox Facilities?

We have a lot of well trained professionals to help you meet your project deadline on time – ensuring that only the best of the best teams handle your project. We understand the nature at which complex projects are managed to attain the required specifications for clients.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we help you increase our quality awareness to help you to deliver consistently top performing products for your clients . We have the solutions to all challenges arising from the development, implementation, performing and compliant free systems as required by both the ISO and GMP certification worldwide. We are very good at doing this across various industries of specialization.

To build a world standard company, we have been able to integrate all three vital areas of our business. Every one of our services is integrated into these areas which is needed to ensure a successful service delivery.



At NorthFox Facilities Services, we have numerous partnerships deals with world leading companies, specialising in various industries and fields . Our exemplary services have attracted major market service providers to seek out our services.



At NorthFox Facilities Services, we have gained most of our clients based on recommendations from previous clients. This goes to prove our quality and reliable service delivery. We have experienced significant growth in our client base with a 30% monthly increase consistently. We have received lots of positive reviews from old and new clients about the quality of our service delivery.


Health & Safety

One of our core principles is to ensure the safety and welfare of all the people who globally work with us. We are working towards a zero hazard working environment for our people, assets and planet.

It is our utmost desire to create an environment where risk is predicted and contained. A place where people feel a sense of security and are motivated to work without the slightest feeling of insecurity, fearing any consequences for their actions or any negative impact on their work.

At NorthFox Facilities Services, we understand that results are as a consequence of a positive work principle and excellent leadership style where all individuals take charge of the responsibility to be safe.


Outreach & Social Responsibility

We’re committed to playing our part when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the communities. We encourage our staff to get involved in charitable work and provide opportunities to do so on a regular basis.

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