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At NorthFox Facilities Services, we have experts who provide Commissioning & Completion of Equipment & Facilities in various industries and fields.

Our services have been engaged by top companies in the NFS since 2021.

We have established tested and proven result records for safe, quality delivery, approved regulatory standards for all our services.

Our great success and growth can be linked to our ability to always deliver and exceed our client’s expectations and demand.

Why Choose Us?

What Makes Us Unique

Our business is built on the understanding and principles we have carefully laid out. We are guided by very sound work ethics and integrity.

These principles are embedded at the center of our operations from the highest to the lowest level in our organization. They encompass the high regard awarded to all our clients and employees, and our duty and dedication to our clients and shareholders – it is the basis for our cultural value.

Value Driven

We are guided by our cultural values and we employ this ethical and value-based mindset in our business operations regularly.

Business Integrity

As a reputable organization, we are dedicated to performing in a well-mannered way in any business environment we operate in.

Our Business Relationships

Building highly valuable, strong business relationships across the industry we specialize in.

Protecting Third Party Assets

Understanding the importance of maintaining the safety and integrity of our organization's assets and that of external parties, by properly handling these assets in the most professional manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are very committed to our social responsibility as we care about the environment in which we do business.

Our Team

We have been able to build the best team in terms of quality, knowledge, service delivery and expectations. We gather the best and most talented from various fields, as our dream is to offer you the very best.

Our Services

Do you have a Project that requires our expert services?

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